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Roto Moulded Plastic water Storage Tanks are made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene/Low Density Polyethylene. These tanks are light in weight, therefore, it is easy to fix them at the place of choice. These tanks require no painting, no water proofing since Polythene is 100% resistant to water and salt corrosion. In rotational moulding products is formed inside a closed mould rotating biaxially in two plains perpendicular to each other. In batch type-rock-N- Roll type Rotational Moulding machines; frame of the machine is turned in a primary axis while mould is rotated in secondary axis.  

Because rotational moulding does not involve any injection pressure, high shear rates, this process offers certain basic advantages over other processes and techniques of plastic processing.

1. Complex parts can be moulded without need for past assembly. 

2. Low machinery cost relative to production capacity. 

3. Double walled items can be produced. 

4. Ease of colour and material change. 

5. Multiple product and multi colours can be moulded at the same time. 

6. Minimum wastages

7. High production capacity on selected parts.

These tanks keep water clean, odour free and maintain the quality of water stores intact. These tanks are economical, practical and hygienic alternative of storing portable water in single or multi storied residential units, industrial set-ups, commercial establishments and sites everywhere under the sun. These tanks are becoming increasingly popular in Indian and have caught the eyes of many users for their requirement of storing water for domestic and other purposes. These tanks are also used in hostels, hospitals, schools, cinema houses and construction sites.


Roto-Moulded Plastic Water Storage Tanks being lighter in weight are easy in handling and can be easily fitted at any desired place, and are hence preferred and practically replacing the conventional tanks of steel, cement concrete or stone. These tanks are available in market in various sizes and shapes. The prices of these tanks are at the rate of Rs. 3.5 per liter of water capacity approximately. The demand of plastic water storage tanks is increasing day by day. They are not only installed in the individual houses and flats but are fitted in factories, group housing schemes and multi-stories buildings as well.

Field investigations have revealed that due to increase in the house building activities and preference given by the Government to provide homes to the homeless people, the demand for plastic water storage tanks is likely to increase in the years to come. Hence there is good scope for establishing a few units for the manufacture of water storage tanks by Roto Moulding process.

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